Top Wiedenmann products for turf regeneration

Top Wiedenmann products for turf regeneration
March 1, 2019 Terry Griffiths

With the hot summer months upon us, many groundskeepers are starting to think about how they can regenerate their turf, ready for the upcoming sporting and golf seasons. From reversing soil compaction to dealing with thatch, there are many aspects to turf regeneration. At QTurf, we often receive questions about which turf machines are best suited to the job. That’s why we’ve put together this list of the top Wiedenmann machinery for turf regeneration.

Terra Rake

Wiedenmann Terra Rake

If you have compacted soil or water buildup, your turf is going to die pretty quickly. That’s why you need the Wiedenmann Terra Rake. This robust machine breaks up any turf thatch and loosens compact soil, meaning water can flow to your turf’s roots again.

With its sturdy and reliable construction, the Wiedenmann Terra Rake is designed to give any golf course turf manager and sports field groundskeeper years of service. The Terra Rake is also highly-productive, with a maximum driving speed of 15km/h and high-quality steel vibrating verticutting tines. This makes the Wiedenmann Terra Rake the perfect cost-effective solution for turf regeneration.

Terra Float

Wiedenmann Terra Float

A healthy turf needs air, and regular aeration is the first step to turf regeneration. The Wiedenmann Terra Float is the perfect spiking aerator, providing any groundskeeper with plenty of protection against thatch and algae problems.

Equipped with a 3-part suspended tool roller that may be optionally fitted with spike or star-shaped tools, the Terra Float efficiently cuts through thatch and promotes gas exchange for your turf. The Wiedenmann Terra Float can also be used as an overseeding machine, giving optimal germination and contact with the renewed soil. With a large operating width, the Wiedenmann Terra Float is a versatile and reliable turf machine for any groundskeeper.

Terra Seed

Wiedenmann Terra Seed

If you have a worn, weed-ridden turf but you don’t want to break up the soil, then the Wiedenmann Terra Seed is for you. There are plenty of reasons why groundskeepers may be struggling to seed their turf, from your seeds not being evenly spread out to the wind blowing the seeds away. The Wiedenmann Terra Seed has been designed with all that in mind.

With a low-lying body, the Terra Seed manages to provide the intensive contact needed to stop seeds from blowing away in the wind. And with it’s uniquely designed trailed seed roller, with low-pressure tires manufactured for pushing seeds into the soil, the Terra Seed allows for optimal seed germination and quicker turf regeneration. If that sounds like exactly what your turf needs, then contact the turf machinery experts at QTurf today to learn more!

Terra Slit

Wiedenmann Terra Slit

Hardworking and versatile, the Wiedenmann Terra Slit is exactly the turf machine you need if you are looking for specialised slitting, spiking and aerating of sports grounds and golf courses. With high-lift knives which eliminate soil compaction up to 20cm deep, the Terra Slit is able to handle deep thatch and troublesome soil issues. And when equipped with 25mm hollow tines, the Terra Slit makes 80 holes per square metre, making it a quick and efficient soil de-compactor that is well-suited for any golf course or sports field groundskeeper.

Do you need help with getting your turf regeneration going? At QTurf, we supply a wide range of top-quality Wiedenmann turf machinery that will get your turf back into shape. Contact us today or browse our range of Wiedenmann turf machines!