The Most Incredible Vintage Tractor Collections

The Most Incredible Vintage Tractor Collections
September 21, 2018 Terry Griffiths

2018 has seen two of the most amazing vintage tractor collections go up for auction in Australia. And boy, did they sell well!

Tractor and vintage farming machinery enthusiasts and hobbyists from all over the country turned out for the auctions. Many were hoping to get their hands on a coveted 1930 McCormick Deering or an International Harvester Company Titan Type D! While parting with these unique, often restored, tractors was bittersweet for the owners, the fact that they were going home with other avid tractor enthusiasts provided sufficient ease of mind.

Vintage tractor collections

Tony Pailthorpe of Benger, WA, collected around 1000 pieces of vintage farming machinery before he passed away in 2013. He was a keen International Harvester collector and bought and restored over 150 IHC models during his lifetime. His family decided to auction the collection in April of this year, including a few incredibly rare pieces such as an IHC Titan Type D, a Farmall Widefront F12 and a Hart Parr 16-30 (1924-26). The accumulated price of the entire collection was thought to be over $1M!

Another high-value tractor collection went to auction in June in Toowoomba. This one was the pride and joy of retired farmer Albert Brimblecombe, who had been collecting since the 80s. He had restored over 100 of the vintage tractors himself, scouring auctions to find authentic parts. The highlight of Brimblecombe’s collection was a Titan Type D from 1911, which sold for $80 000. Other coveted tractors included a range of Hart Parrs and John Deeres from different decades.

Vintage tractor museums

Disappointed that you missed out on viewing these fantastic collections, even if you couldn’t bid? Never fear, because there are places all around Australia where you can get an eyeful of some truly beautiful vintage tractors. Pioneer and transport museums around the country often display vintage farming machinery that will undoubtedly take you back!

The Gunnedah Rural Museum in NSW, the Booleroo Steam and Traction Preservation Society in SA and the Tractor Museum of WA in Whiteman Park, all house some of the largest vintage tractor collections in the country, and are well worth a gander.

Vintage tractor rallies

There’s never a lack of vintage tractor rallies in Australia! A rally is always a great excuse for like-minded hobbyists to meet, have a good yarn about farming machinery, and show off their prized tractors. The Rusty Iron Rally is a reliable favourite in New South Wales, while the Kingaroy Annual Machinery Rally draws tractor-loving folk from all over Queensland. For a full list of vintage machinery rallies and events, see The Old Machinery Magazine’s running list.

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