Sports Field Maintenance

Sports Field Maintenance
April 4, 2019 Terry Griffiths

It’s already April, which means the majority of outdoor turf sports are getting underway. When it comes to turf, sporting fields require specific care to ensure they remain lush, soft and in ideal condition for competition.

There is quite a science to having a perfect sporting field, and here at QTurf Machinery, we love to share our tips and tricks! Keep reading to find out everything you need to know to maintain a sporting field turf.


Scarification is the process of removing thatch from the turf canopy or rootzone. Thatch is a normal byproduct of growing grass and is beneficial in some cases (heavy traffic sports fields). Too much thatch however, will cause turf to become too soft, preventing air and water from reaching the root zone and promoting drainage problems. To remove thatch, we recommend the Wiedenmann Terra Rake.

Regeneration Cut

The next step is to mow ensuring only one-third of the leaf blade is cut. This is called a regeneration cut. The recommended mowing height of a blue and green couch sports field is 20 – 40 mm. If you’re noticing significant amounts of thatch, even after mowing, it’s a sign that you’re not mowing regularly enough. Another tip is to stagger the direction of mowing to prevent wheel ruts. See our line of mowers here.


Slitting or aerating is an absolute must when maintaining sports turf. Without aeration, sporting fields can suffer from soil compaction which leads to a hard surface and unhealthy turf. Aerating not only promotes airflow but water and nutrient circulation as well. The result? A healthy and superior playing surface. Looking for the perfect aerator? The Wiedenmann Terra Slit is a sports ground specific unit, designed for slitting and spiking.


If turf is worn-down and looking like it’s in some dire need of TLC, overseeding is your next step. If the turf is starting to thin out in the lead up to winter, you can overseed it, given its done at least 45 days out, from any potential frost. The Wiedenmann Terra Seed is a great overseeding machine, which uses a broadcast sewing solution. Special spring tines open up the soil surface and create ideal conditions for germination.

Brushing Sand

Sand can be used to build up low areas if the field is required to be near perfect in terms of flatness. Be aware that sand holds no nutrient value, so overuse of sand will result in a lack of nutrients for the grass. Use a broom to brush the sand over the affected section, or if a larger surface area needs to be brushed, the Terra Groom is the perfect multifunctional brush for sports turf.

Want to see the machines listed in this article in action? Take a look at our video.

If you have any questions or would like to enquire about any of the equipment listed in this article, contact Terry from QTurf today, or shop the range here!