Queensland's Top Of The Pick Turf Machinery Suppliers

Queensland’s Top Of The Pick Turf Machinery Suppliers
May 1, 2018 Terry Griffiths

When it comes to turf machinery, buying right the first time is absolutely essential. It isn’t like ducking down to the shops to grab a wedge of cheese for dinner.

Sure, there are lots of varieties, but the consequences of choosing wrong are going to cause more than mild disappointment.

That’s why Queensland groundskeepers, council workers and farmers need to do their research before settling on a brand of turf machinery that they know won’t let them down. But we understand that you’re busy, and that’s why we’ve done the hard yards for you! We’ve put together a list of Australia’s most reliable, trustworthy and advanced turf machinery suppliers so that you can halt the brand search and focus on machine specs.


From its inception in 1964, the German company Wiedenmann has established itself as an international leader in turf machinery. In fact, eight of the twelve venues hosting the 2018 FIFA World Cup rely on Wiedenmann machinery to keep the playing fields in top shape. Wiedenmann’s latest product, the Terra Float, released in 2017, has proved to be hugely popular.

The Terra Float is the ultimate turf regeneration machine for any sports field or council parkland. It effectively aerates soil without breaking it up by spiking through surface thatch and promoting gas exchange. The attachable overseeding unit also encourages healthy turf. A suspended seed brush guides seeds into the grooves in the turf, which is then rolled over with a low-pressure seed roller, ensuring that healthy turf is maintained. The Terra Float is incredibly good value for money, as it effectively combines several jobs into just one state-of-the-art machine!


Gason is a true blue Aussie company, founded in Victoria in 1946. It started out as a supplier of retro-fitted cabins for international brands of tractors such as John Deer and Ford. Gason now manufactures a vast range of farm and turf machinery, championed all around Australia. Their mowers designed explicitly for orchards and vineyards are big sellers as they encourage the precision of care for these sometimes temperamental crops. For example, the VHD Orchard Mower is available with a winged deck to cater for contoured inter-rows. Indeed, the triple rotor rapier orchard mower has long been a favourite of Goulburn Valley orchardists.


Trilo is a family-run Norwegian company that, despite its recent inception in 2008, have taken massive strides in the turf machinery industry. Trilo specialises in turf machinery for large-scale grounds, offering a range of grass cutters, collectors, vacuum sweepers and flail mowers. They combine traditional craftsmanship with cutting-edge 3D CAD design in all their manufacturing processes. The Trilo S-series vacuum sweepers are particularly efficient for maintaining large areas of council land and golf courses that are often hampered by falling leaves. The castor wheels present on the S-series means that the sweeper can follow the contours of the ground perfectly, allowing for more efficient collection. The machine can also be fitted with a mowing shaft, verticutting shaft or a combined shaft, to enhance its versatility.


Shibaura is a Japanese company founded by Toshiba and IHI in 1950. They started out manufacturing light and heavy engines, and in 1961 built a tractor factory to begin design work on 2-wheel and 4-wheel tractors up to 40hp. Shibaura is now a leader in machinery for the professional maintenance of parks and sports fields, particularly within Europe, but also all over the world. The Shibaura CM214 front mower is a solid favourite for groundskeepers overseeing the maintenance of medium-sized sports fields and land. It’s compact, yet sturdy, with a superior balance between power and weight. It’s easy to use and quick to clean; a low-maintenance machine for your turf maintenance needs!


Just down the road in Toowoomba, Gyral, founded in the mid-1950s, operates as the champion of modern farming machinery. They manufacture leading tillage and seeding equipment that directly responds to the needs of contemporary farmers. Gyral are the pioneers of the modern-day air seeder and have expanded to innovate several farming machines since. A somewhat understated piece of machinery in comparison, yet highly valued by groundskeepers and council workers alike, is the Gyral Ezi Edger. The Ezi Edger keeps pathways clean and tidy and is incredibly efficient, as it’s capable of edging both sides of the pathway simultaneously. It’s compatible with a wide range of tractor models and follows paths and kerbs with ease for a perfectly manicured appearance.

Are you looking for a distributor of these high-quality and extremely durable turf machinery suppliers, within Queensland? Q-Turf can assist you with all of your Wiedenman, Gason, Trilo, Shibaura and Gyral machinery needs! Contact Terry today to discuss these brands’ latest innovations.