Wiedenmann Core Recycler

Wiedenmann Core Recycler

Wiedenmann Core Recycler


Core Recylcer

Collection and recycling combination

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The worldwide innovation with combined collection and separation systems.
The CORE RECYCLER from Wiedenmann is a machine for collecting and processing cores that is unique on the market. Its sweeping head unit gently takes up cores and transfers them to the separator unit, which consists of four turning drum sieves, individually adjustable in their angle of inclination. Coarse organic components such as thatch is separated from the bound sand. The sand is subsequently returned to the soil over the drum sieves, and the organic mass is collected in the container. This procedure translates into a considerable time and cost saving for  sanding the areas, since up to 80 % of the valuable sand/ground mixture is re-introduced to the soil.
The CORE  RECYCLER can also be employed for collecting cores by switching off the separating function of the sieves with special inserts. The extendable mesh sieving insert ensures easy access to the sieving drums, the tool-free sieving drum exchange, and simple cleaning.
The CORE RECYCLER is a manually controlled machine with an internal combustion engine and hydrostatic drive unit (continuously variable 0 – 6 km/h). The drives of the drum sieves and sweeping unit likewise function hydraulically. You can alternatively select hydraulic high lift emptying (unloading height 1.50 m) or hydraulic ground tilt emptying to ensure that the collecting container is rapidly and easily emptied.

An optional transportation system for mounting to a utility vehicle is available for rapid and reliable deployment of the CORE RECYCLER. Its hydraulically tip-down loading surface is equipped with a rapidlocking system for the machine.

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