Proper Topper

Proper Topper

Proper Topper


G 226344 | G 224770
The Proper Topper comes in 2 available models:
– 2400 Twin Rotor Proper Topper (2.37m cut width)
– 30000 Twin Rotor Proper Topper (2.86m cut width)

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Twin Rotor Proper Topper suit 60 to 130hp Tractor
The AF Gason Proper Topper continues the tradition of the Proper Topper as designed by Chris Grow Engineering. The 3 Point Linkage twin rotor model is suitable for dairy, horse studs, sheep, and beef properties.
Features include: Designed for sharp, clean cutting of pasture, with discharged cuttings spread evenly behind the topper without windrowing. Cutting design eliminates wheel mark in after cow topping operations. Adjustable rear deflectors for variable position rear discharge even spread. Adjustable rear guard offer closed and open back cutting.
Improve your pasture and increase production with regular topping of paddocks with the Gason Proper Topper.
Deck Material: 6mm Deck, fully welded top with 8mm side plates.
Deck Profile: Folded Easy Clean Deck Design including an open back for a more even spread of cuttings behind the machine.
Gearbox: 130HP Bare co 3 Gearbox driveline.
PTO Shaft: Bare co 8 Series.
Clutch: 4 Plate Overrun Clutch.
Finish: 2 Pack Painted Deck.
Headstock: 8mm fixed plate headstock with slotted top link.
Skids: 8mm height adjustable sides with simple “lock & dog” adjustment including 100 x 12mm hardened steel skids.
Rotor Bar: 100 x 11mm spring steel rotor bars.
Blades: 100 x 9mm swing back blades on hardened bushes.
Linkage Mounting: Cat 2 & 3 compatible with high tower 3PL pick up points.
Front & Rear Chains: galvanised safety chain with rod replacement system.
Rear Safety Guard: Hydraulically operated Rear Safety Guard.

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2400 Twin Rotor Proper Topper (2.37m cut width), 3000 Twin Rotor Proper Topper (2.86m cut width)