BA Greens Keeper

BA Greens Keeper

BA Greens Keeper


The Greens Keeper has been designed to ensure your spraying is done easily and efficiently.

Key features:

  • Shurflo 13.6 L/M 12 Volt Pump
  • Easy access suction filter
  • Drain tap
  • Tank agitation
  • Tank lid strainer
  • Digital speedo
  • Very low noise emissions
  • Individual nozzle shut-off
  • TeeJet Nozzles
  • Folding handle
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Control Panel

Designed with the Greenskeeper in mind, it features fingertip operation of all the sprayers’ controls from the handlebar. You’ll be able to change from spray to agitate with the flick of a tap and swap the foam marker from left to right in the same motion while continuing to push or turn the sprayer. Spray pressure is also easily adjustable with a pressure regulator and pressure gauge clearly visible to the operator.


The UV resistant polyethylene tank has a positively draining sump, ensuring there is no excess product in the tank once drained. Additionally, the sprayer’s pump draws from the sump which helps eliminate the pump sucking air on sloping areas when the tank is low on fluid. The tank is also fitted with a venturi agitator to ensure you have excellent chemical suspension.


Perfect for spraying on a sloping terrain, the GK75 has excellent weight distribution with the majority of weight being placed over the front wheels. The sprayer also features a rear caster wheel for maneuvering.

Spray Boom and TeeJet Nozzles

The combination of a 250mm boom height and 250mm nozzle spacings provide application efficacy and drift control while using the GK75.

Additional Information

Standard Specifications

Tank: 75 LT UV resistant polyethylene, sump and drain tap
Pump: Shurflo 13.6 L/M 45PSI
Agitation: Venturi agitator
Boom: 1.5 MT, stainless steel with TeeJet nozzle bodies
Boom height: 250MM
Filtration: Pump suction filter 50 mesh, tank lid basket strainer, nozzle tip strainers
Battery: 12 volt 22A/H rechargeable battery C/W charger

Weights and Dimensions

Length: 1610MM
Length, handle folded: 1300MM
Length, handle folded with foam kit: 1340MM
Width, standard nozzle bodies: 680MM
Width, 3-way nozzle bodies: 730MM
Height: 980MM top of handle
Height folded: 770MM top of handle
Dry weight: 43KG
Dry weight with foam kit: 49KG

Additional Options

2MT boom
‘Spot On’ double sided foam marker
3-way nozzle bodies for multiple nozzle selection