Product Spotlight - Wiedenmann Blowers

Product Spotlight – Wiedenmann Blowers
April 22, 2019 Terry Griffiths

It’s Autumn already, which means leaves are starting to fall and the weather is cooling down. And as every groundskeeper knows, fallen leaves can wreak havoc on beautifully manicured golf courses, parks and sports fields. If you’re like us at QTurf, we like to make the job easier, but we also like to do the job right.

Luckily for you, we stock the best of the best: Wiedenmann. With a long-standing history as the go-to name in turf machinery and products, it doesn’t need to be said that their leaf blowers are nothing short of spectacular. The two Wiedenmann leaf blowers in the product spotlight for this article are the Wiedenmann Whisper Twister and Mega Twister.

Whisper Twister

The Whisper Twister is the perfect leaf blower for a range of duties, ranging from golf greens to recreational parks. Wiedenmann’s special ‘Whisper Turbine’ represents the forefront of leaf blower technology utilising a unique design perfect for residential areas where noise limits need to be adhered to. It also sports a unique, patented swivel mechanism which allows the unit to be swivelled through a 180 degree range using only one hydraulic cylinder. This means that the leaves can be blown continuously in one direction without the need to reverse, saving you valuable time. The Whisper Twister also features a blow out nozzle which is able to be adjusted vertically, as well a large support wheel to ensure good adjustment on the ground, even on rough and undulating terrain.

Mega Twister

If the Whisper Twister isn’t going to cut it, and you’ve got to push a few more cubes of air per minute, we’ve got you covered with the Mega Twister. This is one serious piece of machinery from Wiedenmann. Specifically designed for tractors with engines producing 30kW or more, its blowing performance is a staggering 390 cubic metres per minute. Being that the Mega Twister features the same ‘Whisper Turbine’ design as the Whisper Twister, the unit has an attractive low noise emission rating. This low rating means that it is an attractive product to use on golf courses that may be close to residential homes or the grounds of hospitals/retirement homes. It features the same patented swivel mechanism previously mentioned, allowing continuous blowing through a 230 degree range of motion, removing the need to back up the tractor. The air nozzle can be adjusted vertically by hand to ensure all debris is accounted for if the terrain is uneven.

What’s right for you?

To make the right decision, you’ll need to factor in where you’re going to use the machine and just how many cubes of air you’re going to need to get the job done. If you’re still unsure about which machine is right for you, Terry at QTurf would be happy to have a chat with you. Contact QTurf via our contact form or via telephone on 0428 290 009.