Prepare Turf for Summer with these Spring Tasks

Prepare Turf for Summer with these Spring Tasks
September 15, 2018 Terry Griffiths

Summer is coming around real quick with only a few weeks left in spring. It’s time to get your turf in tip-top shape. Spring is the season where your turf grows again after the colder months so now it’s time to venture outside in the sunshine and give your turf some extra love and care. Try these top lawn tips to keep your turf and field green and healthy over the summer with these simple spring gardening tasks.

Prepare your Lawn Mower

It’s time to prepare your lawn mower for summer mowing. When was the last time your mower had some love with a tune-up or even had new blades installed? Start by making sure your mower is in a good working condition and the blades are sharp and clean. It is worth your time and money to have your mower serviced before you end up with a hefty maintenance bill in the future.

Maybe it’s time to retire your mower and get a brand new one? We offer an extensive range of high-quality mowers for all purposes. One of our favourites is The Wiedenmann Super Pro Mower. The name doesn’t have ‘super’ in it for no reason! This highly efficient mower is the perfect tool for large turfs like golf courses, sporting fields, parks and gardens.

Handy tip: Adjust your mower’s level so you only remove 30-40% of your grass each time you cut. By doing this, your lawn should feel nice underfoot without feeling like you’re sinking into it.

QTurf Prepare turf for summer with these spring tasks

Say goodbye to those pesky weeds

The winter days bring pesky weeds and we’re sure you don’t want to spend hours outside in the cold pulling out single weeds one by one. Now that the days are warmer, it’s time to tackle those little pests. For the low maintenance jobs, most single weed types can be simply removed by hand, and some flat weeds and grasses can be mowed over. If you have an abundance of pesky weeds (especially the ones that tends to hang around no matter how often you pull them out), it may be time to invest in a backpack sprayer to distribute herbicides for weed control. We stock Rapid Spray containers in a variety of sizes. Our range of Jacto and BA Sprayers come in a variety of capacities suitable for domestic and industrial use which are perfect for groundskeepers, local council workers, farmers and homeowners.

Fertilise for a little growth boost

If you’re the type to fertilise your turf only once a year then do it in springtime. Fertilising your lawn not only improves soil health, but it will also have your turf looking healthy with a deep green colour and protect moisture retention during a drought. We say you should get a slow release fertiliser that is easy-to-apply that will easily filter through your turf and deliver nutrients to the roots.

Before you get too ahead of yourself, make sure you check the fertiliser package instructions before applying because any high-chemical product needs to be used properly and at the right time to avoid causing any further damage to your lawn.

Air out that lawn

One of the healthiest things you can do for a spring lawn is to aerate as this is the time where your turf is growing the most efficiently. For those who don’t know, Aeration is the deep loosening of soil to allow the gases to escape and allow moisture and fertilisers to easily access the roots of the turf. If you are able to allow the roots to grow at greater depths, the turf requires less water and irrigation to keep it looking beautiful and green. When the roots have room to grow deeper, the turf is stronger and has a longer life.
Before you aerate, you should fertilise your lawn a week before. This will encourage your turf to grow back quickly and fill in the uneven holes your lawn may have. For more insight on what aeration is and how to best go about it, read this blog!

Aeration may sound complicated but trust us, it isn’t as hard as it seems. Our Terra Spike range of aerators offers the ability to do simply that!

QTurf Prepare turf for summer with these spring tasks

Let the rain fall down

Sadly most of Australia has been suffering from a drought, but there is good news for farmers and groundskeepers everywhere – we are moving into a rainy season. The springtime requires minimal additional top-up watering other than natural rainfall so you can save more of your limited water supply! However, because we are moving into the hotter days your turf may feel a little dry during the day. A little H20 goes a long way – take a minimalist approach to watering your turf now and you will be rewarded with a healthier lawn with stronger, deeper roots heading towards the extremes of summer.

Now that you have done all your Summer lawn preparation jobs, you can sit back and watch your new lush, green and healthy lawn grow! Make your turf maintenance seamless with a supply of high-quality turf maintenance gadgets from QTURF Machinery. We also offer excellent installation & support services to help anyone who is passionate about keeping turf looking in tip-top shape like we do!