New Product Release: Wiedenmann Super 1300 S

New Product Release: Wiedenmann Super 1300 S
March 1, 2019 admin

The Wiedenmann Super 1300 S is the new name on the market for the efficient collection of clippings, foliage and debris from sports grounds, council parklands, and decorative or utility turf.
This robust and compact turf sweeping machine really packs a punch, cleaning up grounds quickly and with minimal fuss! Here are the top features of the Wiedenmann Super 1300 S!

Precise maneuverability

The Super 1300 S mounts onto your tractor using the draft links of a three-point hitch for ease of movement. It enjoys fantastic tracking accuracy, making driving close to trees and other obstacles a breeze. No area of your turf will be left untidy!

Adapts to undulating terrain

The distance between the ground and the sweeping brush always remains the same even if the fill level varies, because the pick-up head is mounted in parallel. So the Super 1300 S is an expert at adapting to undulating terrain.

Overhead high dump

This turf and leaf sweeper has a dumping height of 170 cm for the easy emptying of clippings, foliage and debris straight into trailers and vehicles. Less hard work shovelling mowed grass for you!

Double sweeping roller system

The double sweeping roller system is designed for optimal collection results. The container is continuously filled and not a scrap is left on your pristine turf! Completely fill the container (which holds 1.6 m3 of debris) every time you sweep your turf so that you don’t have to empty it as often.

Optional level indicator and collision guard

Optional extras for the Wiedenmann Super 1300 S include a level indicator which will advise you when the container is approximately 90% full. Handy for those who have a tendency to over or underestimate! You can also install a collision guard with a protected lighting unit for better safety when reversing.

Interested in making the collection of clippings and foliage on your Australian greens efficient and stress-free? QTurf will be stocking the Wiedenmann Super 1300 S soon! To place a pre-order or find out more about how this new turf sweeping machine can spruce up your grounds, contact Terry from QTurf today!