Lawn care mistakes to avoid so you can keep your lawn fresh

Lawn care mistakes to avoid so you can keep your lawn fresh
July 1, 2019 Terry Griffiths

If you’re in the turf management industry, chances are you’ve seen just as many examples of poor turf maintenance as good ones. You probably have a few tricks up your sleeve to ensure you cultivate a beautiful turf on every job, every time. However, there are some basic tips for turf maintenance that apply across the board to avoid common mistakes we see time and again.

Having supplied high quality turf machinery to turf maintenance professionals for many years, QTurf Machinery has a vested interest in assuring you know the right steps to keep the turf looking fresher for longer. Here are our top lawn care mistakes and how to avoid them.

Mowing too short

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again – beware of how much grass length you’re taking off when doing your routine turf mowing. Mowing consistently too short will not only prevent your lawn from growing as it should, but it can also adversely affect the density of the grass, leaving unwanted weeds to find space to grow. Too-short grass is more likely to burn off during hot weather, a common occurrence in Queensland, leaving it looking far less fresh and healthy than it should.

Dull, blunt mowing blades

There’s a reason why it’s essential to keep up your regular mower maintenance; mowing with blunt blades does more harm to your lawn than good. Dull blades tear and bruise your lawn, and can leave your turf looking very untidy as the grass is unevenly cut. Make sure you keep your mower blades nice and sharp so you can give your lawn an even and clean cut all around. However, if your mower’s completely had it, it might be time to look at replacing it for a newer and sturdier model. QTurf’s selection of top-of-the-range mowers is a great place to start!


Did you know that grass only needs the equivalent of one inch of rainwater per week to grow healthily? This estimate may increase a little depending on how much turf you need to take care of. However, overwatering is a common lawn care error that people often make. Ensure a rain gauge is installed on the lawn so you can measure the amount of water, and also keep an eye on the weather forecast. If rainfall is predicted to occur in the next few days, adjust your lawn watering schedule accordingly. Another handy tip to prevent grass from being overwatered is to water in the early morning or afternoon so that come nightfall, the grass has dried.

Soil compaction

If you’re regularly using a heavy-duty large-scale mower on the same area of turf, chances are this is going to increase the level of soil compaction beneath the turf. As the soil particles are pushed together underneath all that machinery weight, this hampers root growth and cuts off the roots’ access to oxygen and water. That’s why it’s crucial to aerate your turf on an annual basis, particularly in high foot traffic areas. If you’re in need of a reliable, quality aerator, QTurf stocks a range of Wiedenmann Terra Spike aerators that are very quiet and suited for operating within close proximity to residential areas.

Too much fertilizer

Every green needs a little helping hand to grow nicely, which is where fertilizer comes into play for savvy turf maintenance. However, scatter your lawn with too much fertilizer, and it can become dependent on the chemical. A good rule of thumb we recommend is to fertilize your turf 4-6 times a year with slow-release fertilizers that have lower levels of nitrogen. Another important thing to consider is what the most favourable times are to fertilize your lawn. In the warm Brisbane climate, spring and summer are the main growing seasons, which makes them ideal times of the year to do necessary fertilizer rounds.

Now that you have the pro lawn care tips down pat, you need the best turf machinery to get the job done to the highest standard. To figure out which machine is right for you, you’ll need to factor in the size of the turf the machine is needed for and your preference. If you’re still unsure, Terry at QTurf would be happy to have a chat with you. Contact QTurf via our contact form or via telephone on 0428 290 009.