Introducing the BA Greens Keeper GK75

Introducing the BA Greens Keeper GK75
October 6, 2018 Terry Griffiths

The BA Greens Keeper GK75 is the perfect sprayer for all your golf course and sport turf needs!

The BA Group is best known for providing high-quality agricultural spraying equipment to Australian farmers and horticulturalists. With years of experience, the BA Group prides themselves on their service and knowledge of the industry.

Now introducing the BA Greens Keeper GK75, BA Group’s expert designers collaborated with turf industry experts, greenskeepers, and maintenance staff to ensure this piece of equipment performs efficiently and seamlessly. This gets a 10/10 from us!

GK75 Essential Features

Simple and Easy to Control
With all the sprayer controls on the handlebar, you can control the entire GK75 with your fingertips. You are easily able to switch from spray to agitate with a simple tap of a button, and you’re able to swap the side of the foam marker without even stopping the sprayer. All of this is possible with the BA Greens Keeper!

Strong and Smart Tank
While the GK75’s UV resistant polyethylene tank is built to withstand the harshest Australian conditions, it’s the addition of various smart technology which makes it stand out. With a positively draining sump and a baffle to stop sloshing liquid, the GK75 monitors your liquid levels and eliminates air, making the GK75 is even easier to use.

Easily Manoeuvrable
With excellent and well-designed weight distribution, the GK75 can easily tackle steep slopes. With a rear caster wheel, the GK75 can also easily maneuver around obstacles and tight turns. And with a travel width of only 680mm, the GK75 is small enough to be securely stored in sheds and used on fenced cricket grounds.

High-Quality Nozzles and Spray Boom
One of the greatest features of the BA Greens Keeper GK75 is its spray boom. With a height of only 250mm, the GK75 is incredibly effective at reducing spray drift. Combined with high-quality TeeJet Air Induction or Twin Fan nozzles, the GK75 ensures your spraying
is done effectively and easily for all your needs.

Sounds like what you need for your turf? You can find the BA Greens Keeper GK75 here!

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