Get Prepared for Summer With These Aerators

Get Prepared for Summer With These Aerators
October 24, 2018 Terry Griffiths

Are you sick and tired of dry and harsh turf? Get your lawn ready and looking fresh for summer with our high-quality range of Wiedenmann aerators. With Wiedenmann’s range of aerators, you are able to keep your turf healthy and reduce that nasty thatch build-up with ease!

Prepare your Lawn Mower

It’s time to prepare your lawn mower for summer mowing. When was the last time your mower had some love with a tune-up or even had new blades installed? Start by making sure your mower is in a good working condition and the blades are sharp and clean. It is worth your time and money to have your mower serviced before you end up with a hefty maintenance bill in the future.

We offer a wide range of Wiedenmann Terra Spike aerators that are quiet and have the proven ability to raise productivity and get the job done quickly, all on a budget. If you’re not sold already, keep reading to see just what these beauties can do.

 Get prepared for summer with these aerators


This deep tine Greens and Surrounds aerator might look tough, but the Terra Spike SL 6’s Vibrastop technology ensures the gentle aeration and decompaction of your greens and turfs, while also ensuring the safety of your workers. It also features Wiedenmann’s patented QuickChange and QuickSet technology, allowing you to seamlessly and easily change both tine depth and tine heave Angle with just one screw.
This machine is suitable to be paired with tractors from 25hp with 454kg lifting capacity. Holding tines which can reach down 210mm. The SL 6 is more than a match for any aerator. With fewer moving parts and class-leading technology, the Terra Spike SL 6 is the definite smart addition to any aeration fleet.

 Get prepared for summer with these aerators


If you are looking for deep aeration and to get better water and nutrients for your turf, Wiedenmann’s Terra Spike GXi6 is the perfect machine for you. Specifically designed for use on golf greens and other fine turfs, the GXi6 is unbeatable when it comes to deep ground penetration, with working depths up to 255mm. Powerful yet compact, the GXi6 can cover up to 4500 square metres an hour, making it the perfect aerator for large and expansive turf.
Combined with a class-leading 25-degree heave range and advanced tine control tools, the GXi6 is the perfect aerator for all large turf maintainers.

 Get prepared for summer with these aerators


A clear favourite for golf greens keepers, the Greens Terra Spike G6 160 is a high-performance aerator known for technical reliability and a long service life. Along with Wiedenmann’s patented QuickSet and Vibrastop systems, the G6 160 also features the PowerPack, a cushioning system that absorbs jolts when performing deep aeration. With the strain on the tines and tractor reduced to negligible amounts, your Greens Terra Spike G6 160 will save you an incredible amount on repair and replacement costs. Wiedenmann decided to add these features after spending a considerable amount of time consulting with greenkeepers, making it a sturdy and reliable workhorse for any groundskeeper.

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