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Sophie Cooke

“Going The Extra Mile”

Looking for a turf aerator online can be a tough job, as it’s the type of machinery you usually want to ‘try before you buy’.

Sophie Cooke felt this struggle, before she came across QTurf Machinery.

As the owner of turf management company, Ord Valley Turf, she knew what kind of aerator she wanted to purchase, and had high expectations for the quality and reliability of the machine. Justifiably, this meant she wanted to see the machinery in person before going through with the sale.

But living in Kununurra, Western Australia made this a difficult feat for Sophie, as leaving the business for a day of driving to inspect a number of turf aerators was not an easy or practical task.

Which is where we came in.

Taking the weight off your shoulders.

With various manually operated turf aerators being sold for bargain prices online, it can be easy to be swayed into choosing price over product. But while these might be an easy buy, they are certainly not easy-to-use, and can wind up causing a lot more hassle than they are worth.

Sophie had been comparing prices of various turf aerators online, before she gave us a call. She was looking for a reliable product that would be efficient in keeping the turf on her property fresh and healthy, all year round. The Wiedenmann Terra Spike XP6 Aerator stood out amongst the rest for a few reasons.

Wiedenmann Terra Spike XP 6

Firstly, its compact direct attachment reduces the necessary lifting power considerably, making the whole job a much quicker and smoother process. Secondly, the machine’s Quick Set feature allows for easy and fast adjustment of both the working depth and tine entry angle.

While these features made her lean towards the XP6 over other products, Sophie wasn’t completely sold until we mentioned the completely obligation-free demonstration we could provide.

Front door service

At QTurf Machinery, we believe in helping the customer find the best possible piece of machinery for their needs. Which is why we don’t mind going a bit out of our way, if it means helping to make their decision easier.

Sophie was surprised when we offered to drive all the way from Queensland to their property in Western Australia, for a demonstration of the XP6. She says it really separated us from other turf machinery companies, and she is very happy with her purchase.

“A demonstration is very hard to come by because we live so far away from anywhere, so it was really rewarding that Terry decided to go the extra mile – at completely no obligation. There are not many companies that will do that.”

Are you looking for an obligation-free demonstration of one of our pieces of machinery? Give us a call today, and we’ll see what we can do!



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