5 quick and easy ways to keep your lawn green in winter

5 quick and easy ways to keep your lawn green in winter
May 21, 2019 Terry Griffiths

It’s almost halfway through the year already and winter is just around the corner! After all that lovely rainfall through autumn, your lawn is probably looking very lush and green indeed. But with the colder months almost upon us, how do you keep your turf in tip-top shape? It’s generally agreed that it’s harder to keep turf looking pristine in cooler and drier conditions. However, preparing your lawn to withstand the winter chill is easier to do than you might think. Here are 5 of our handy tips for savvy turf maintenance in winter.

Keeping Things Clean

Turf needs to be clear and fresh before winter begins if it can have any hope of continuing to thrive and soak up as much sunlight as possible. Use a quality blower such as a Wiedenmann blower to clear your lawn of any dead leaves, and remove any stray sticks or pieces of garbage. Make sure you also remove debris from the walkways on your lawn. This will limit lawn traffic and give your grass more of a chance to continue growing throughout the colder months.

Take Care of Bare Patches

You’ve likely already fertilised your lawn in preparation for the cold months ahead so you can keep that grass growing steadily. But if you have any damaged or completely bare patches on your lawn, it’s worth overseeding these to give them further encouragement to grow back come springtime. Using a seeder is your best bet for ensuring the successful germination of the seeds without breaking up the soil. Then use a fine-mist spray to keep the top 1cm of the soil nicely moisturised during germination, then be sure to water those spots regularly so you can have a healthy lawn to work on once the weather warms up again.

Last-Minute Autumn Mowing

Now is the time to get in the last of your mowing before your lawn stops growing due to the winter chill. Gradually lower the blade on your mower little by little so you cut the grass shorter over time and let the last of the autumn sunlight and warmth into your grass. It’s normal to be cutting the grass to a shorter height than usual right before winter sets in, but try to avoid cutting it too short as this can leave your lawn vulnerable to weeds sprouting and further bare patches forming. Take a look at our range of mowers if you’re in need of a good mower during winter this year, and make sure your mower is fitted with a sturdy front deck suitable for the machine.

Dry spell

In winter, a wet lawn is more vulnerable to developing fungal problems, so try to keep your lawn reasonably dry throughout the cold months. If it’s looking a little brown, you can gently give it some encouragement by watering in the morning. As long as you’re keeping up your regular weeding as well as the occasional aerating, your grass should remain nice and green despite the drier conditions.

Give your mower a touch-up

QTurf Grass

Once winter sets in, there’ll be little need to bring out the mower while your grass is in slow growth mode. Use the opportunity to perform some much-needed maintenance on your mower, attending mainly to the blades, spark plugs, oil, air filters and fuel levels, so that it’s ready and raring to go for spring. Make a particular point of sharpening the blades so they’re ready for spring time dethatching.

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