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The maintenance of turf in golf courses, sports grounds and parks and gardens requires equipment such as turf aerators, top dressers and mowers. We supply maintenance tools for golf courses, vineyards and orchards with multifunctional abilities. For example, our turf aerators with deep compaction removal and stubble mulchers which also act as mowers used on farms. Along with supply of high quality turf maintenance gadgets, we offer excellent installation & support services.

Soil Aeration


Aeration is the deep loosening of soil to enable gases to escape and allow moisture and fertilisers to easily access the roots of the plant (grass). Our Wiedenmann Terra Spike range offers the ability to do that.

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Artificial Turf Maintenance


Similar to natural turf, you need to keep artificial turf in great condition with regular maintenance and cleaning.

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Turf Brushing


Turf brushing is mainly used on sports fields, golf course greens, and in artificial turf applications where the infill needs to be kept level.

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Material Collection


We offer a productive collection unit that can be fitted to a range of mid mounted mowing decks to collect the grass.

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We offer a wide range of mowers and we now have the out-front mower deck range.

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Path & Curb Edging


Edgers are used for the presentation of council parks, streets and the machines we offer increase your productivity far beyond what was available with walk behind machines.

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Dethatching & Scarifying


De-thatching and scarifying equipment is used in the turf industry for removing excess thatch by opening up the top little bit of the soil to enable water to get through to the roots.

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QTurf offers a range of high quality seeders that enable a highly efficient solution  for seeding.

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